ARGILE AU TOUR (Throwing Clay)

by Liliane Tardio-Brise
Editions Fleurus

A pot can be formed by hand-pressure on a ball of clay rotating on a potter’s wheel.
Kids upon 8 years old can play with a tabletop pottery wheel operated with batteries or with an adapter.
Argile au Tour (Throwing Clay) gives step-by-step illustrated instructions and explains how to shape broad or narrow forms, how to lift straight, sloped or cambered walls, how to finish a pot and add a handle.
Full of tips, this book provides 16 projects with raising difficulties such as : round or oval pot, pencil pot, flower pot, plate, photophore, drum, figure, box, jug, vases...

Hardcover, 44 pages, in french

ISBN 2-215-07596-1 (first edition May 2004)
ISBN 2-215-07997-5 (second edition March 2006)

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how to do a pencil pot


Use a throwing clay or a soft modeling clay without grog. (search : pottery clay)

Natural clays :

Pébéo white 5kg - terra cotta 1,5kg
Solargil white 5kg - terra cotta 5kg
Generic white 10kg - terra cotta 10 kg

Air drying clays:

Pébéo white 1,5kg - terra cotta 1,5kg
Solargil white1,5kg ou 5kg - rouge 1,5kg ou 5kg
Clementoni - Recharge d'argile (terra cotta, 500g)
Do Art - Studio pottery refill (white, 1kg )
Joustra - Recharge pain d'argile (white, 1kg)


Ivan is throwing
a safety potter's wheel


Where you can find a safety potter's wheel : (search : pottery wheel for kids)

Clementoni - Tour de potier (with AC adapter)
Do Art - Pottery Studio
Fantazër - Potter man
Joustra - Terra Poterie (with AC adapter)
Joustra - Tour du potier
Creamania - Atelier de poterie (with AC adapter)
Oxs - Pottery Wheel (with AC adapter)
Ravensburger - Poterie Initiation
Ravensburger - L'atelier du potier
Ravensburger - Poterie (for right and left handers)
Wooz'Art - Tour du Potier (with AC adapter)


La poterie avec les enfants
La terre-papier