LA POTERIE AVEC LES ENFANTS (Pottery with Children)

(Pottery with kids)

by Liliane Tardio-Brise
Editions Eyrolles

This handbook speaks to educators, parents and teachers wishing to learn about pottery and looking for projects to develop with kids aged from 3 to 14 years.

How to prepare clay picked up outside ?
Which type of clay ?
How to use self hardening clay ?
How to prepare paperclay ?
What’s about firmness ?
How to avoid cracks ?
How to repair broken parts ?
Which kind of kiln to choose if you want to process fire ?

The different technics of building up walls of clay are explained and adapted to the children’s ability.
Kids may carve or paint the clay.
Special steps such as glaze preparation have to be handled by an adult.
50 projects are developed and graduated according to the complexity.

This 136 pages french book with about 400 illustrations, includes a list of useful places to supply yourself in clay and material.

ISBN 978-2-212-11741-7 (first edition June 2006)
ISBN 978-2-212-13932-7 (second edition January 2014)


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